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We got varieties of products in stock for your to add to your cart, here are some more recent products in our store.

Bring it Home Special Pack

We made some unique basic quick checklists and essential food packs for you, so you don’t need to always go through the store.


Vegetable Soup

You get 3kg of Mixed Meat, 2 Variant Vegetable leaves, and our special Vegetable soup spices.

N8k /Pack


Stew Ingredients

You get 3kg of rich frozen chicken, complete salad pack and our special stew spices.

N12k /Pack


Fruits Pack

You get a 1.5kg pineapple, 5 big size green apple, 6 thick native banana sticks, a 2kg watermelon.

N5k /Pack



-Miguel De Cervantes

Our Menu Pack

It won't be nice if I don't tell you how easy you have made my Food stuffs shopping become. I don't always have to keep my kids with neighbors anymore in search of food items.

Stephen Ugo Happy Client

For the fist time I shop like easy in an online store. The stress of moving into the market all the time is now lifted in the most easy way, that I don't have to do random pricing makes sense.

Mrs Favour Happy Client

It's fun that I can now ask even my kids to make orders based on my spec, they can select through options in a few click and check out, at least my kids are now pros in helping me at this.

Mrs Bekky Happy Client

General FAQs

Since we ship to all location in Abuja, it takes less than 10hours for cities outside wose and less than 4 hours for Wose environ.

We are assembling the best price plan for you, and adding some more cool features to the new pack system to enable you add your specified items from our pack categories. As soon as its ready, you will be able to select from our amazing set of food packs or create your own custom packs. But before then, you can shop freely in the store.

Our customer service is steady online, you can use our contact line, email us from the contact us section or use the circle button by the butom right of your screen to chat us if its urgent.

Sure, we also take orders from all our 3 contact means, call, email and chat. you can use the fastest which is our chart button by the bottom right of your screen.

For efficiency, we take payment and after which, we deliver your product, we also take split payment if you wish to use the store method.

Oh, we take care of your delivery while you pay a tip depending on your location of distribution.

Yes sure, you can place orders and get them anytime you specify, Just make sure to drop us a short note in our check form, specifying when exactly you need your items delivered.